SUN PAVILION 10 M² Starting from $10,000

Sun Pavilion 10 m2 gives you a unique chance to make a major addition to your garden, in a way that’s functional, beautiful, and will last a generation. The Pavilion is made of northern spruce wood, which is light and aesthetic. This garden Pavilion is built sturdy enough to handle rain, and daily usage. Modern, cosy and very popular Sun Pavilion 10 m2 with metal roof hood and standard siding (straight siding) to decorate the edge of the roof is designed for gatherings of a family or a group of close friends.

Sun Pavilion 10m2 PDF



Why is this Pavilion a good solution for your garden?

High ceilings and large double windows, visually giving you a sense of space, making it feel comfortable.
Regardless of the weather, you will have a good time inside. Large windows allow you to enjoy sunny days. You can hide from the wind and rain by closing the windows and enjoy the tea.
The Pavilion is spacious (10 m2) and gives you the opportunity to invite a larger group of friends.
The Pavilion made of natural wood is aesthetic and decorates the garden landscape.
You can order additional accessories, such as linen or cotton curtains set or flower pots. You can also order a terrace (available several different size) on which you will be able to build a Sun Pavilion.

More sunshine means more joy.
A lot of light coming inside through big Pavilion windows and glazed doors makes your rest more than delightful. The Pavilion is designed to bring natural daylight into it from all sides. The Pavilion has 7 double windows, 3 of them are opening. The size of the windows are 1290 x 1405 mm. The double glass door gives the elegance of the Pavilion design. The size of the double door is 1290 x 1800 mm.


Standard Set