Enjoy the glamping experience in this insulated Camping Pod.

The perfect size and design this functional, high-quality insulated Camping Pod is perfect for the bach, or as a sleep out.

This camping pod has an inside living space of 9m2 and is suitable for 4 people. It comes in a kit set.

The Insulated Camping Pod can be used all year round, however the winter is when these superb buildings really come into their own.

Insulation for Camping Pod: Wall insulation. 1 – wall made from spruce (38 mm); 2 – stone wool (50 mm); 3 – wind insulating film; 4- OSB panel (8 mm); 5 – bitumen shingles (3 mm). Panel insulation. 1 – wall made from spruce (38 mm); 2 – stone wool (50 mm); 3 – wind insulating film; 4 – wall made from spruce (12 mm). Floor insulation. 1 – floor made from spruce (28 mm); 2 – wind insulating film; 3 – stone wool (50 mm); 4 – OSB panel (12 mm).

Insulated Camping Pod 24 x 48



People: 6-8 people
Timber: Spruce
Shape: Oval
Room: 2
Inside area: 4.6m2
Sauna area: 2.2m2
Total height: 2500mm
Floor thickness: 18mm
Roof thickness: 38mm
Wall thickness: 38mm
External dimension: 4300 x 2350mm
Door size: 690 x 1800mm
Interior tinted glass door: 685 x 1850mm
Window size: 0.95 x 1.9mm

Standard Set

“Delight sauna” is made from spruce wood and comes with the following as standard:

-Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected colour: black, red, green

-3 stainless steel tightening bands

-Half glass window in the front wall

-Door with a lock and a big tempered glass window

-“Storage benches” in the sitting room has a hinged top which can be opened

-2x sauna benches from deciduous wood

-The sauna floor is made from spruce

-Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove

-3 pcs of ventilation (1x in the sitting room and 2x in the sauna room)

-Back rest in sauna room.