The Luxury Sauna Barrel fits up to 7-8 people and measures a full 30 cm larger in diameter than our classic barrel saunas (1.9 m diameter). The roof of the sauna is bitumen shingles in either black, red, or green.
The overall height including the roof is 2.4 m. The roofing edges are lower than in the standard sauna barrel design.

The luxury sauna barrel is made from Thermowood. Thermowood is a natural and renewable resource for construction but has greater stability and resistance to rot making it a far more dependable product. The floor, sauna benches and modern looking solid backrests are made from Larch.

The thickness of the sauna barrel walls are 38 mm and the thickness of the solid wood flooring is 18 mm.

Heating. The recommendations for available sauna heaters depends on the size of the sauna room and the ratio of the heaters.


Without terrace/ sauna room 2.72 m – 11 m3
0.6 m length terrace/ sauna room 2.22 m – 9 m3

There are electric and wood-burning heaters available.

LED lights provide a cozy combination. The sauna is equipped with LED lights. 7 meters of LED strips are used on the outside of the sauna: 2 meters on the sides of the sauna, under the roof edge, and 1.5 meters on the sides of the front door. 8 meters of LED is used inside the sauna: on both sides of the sauna under the benches there are 2 meters of LED lights, also LED lighting is fitted under the back supports (2 meters on each side).

LUXURY sauna Barrel 2.2 x 3 Brochure PDF



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