A lovely, rustic style Camping Cabin. Perfect for taking glamping to the next level.

The Camping Cabin is 16.5 m2 and is a single room that can sleep up to 4 people. You can have a double bed in the room and a bunk bed for children making this Camping Cabin perfect for a family or a close circle of friends.

High-quality materials ensure the longevity of the Camping Cabin. The eight cabin walls are made of rounded spruce boards with the dimensions of 45 x 145 mm. The roof is covered with bitumen shingles (different colours can be selected: red, green or black), and there are four double glazed windows, two of them open. There is a hexagonal window in the entrance door. The floor is easily assembled from separate components.

Camping Cabin 16.5 Brochure PDF



Standard Set